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Influences of your Life Chart Animals in 2024
December 5, 2024
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Transform Your Life, Without Needing to Do it Alone

Amy Theisen’s programs provide ancient wisdom and transformational guidance to leaders and seekers in our modern time. Our approach is insightful, inclusive, and engaging. The Metaphysics Mastery community empowers us to feel uplifted, aligned, and connected to make the most of our opportunities.

Are you ready to reclaim your destiny?

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Feng Shui

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You can live happier, healthier, and wealthier by simply directing the energy already around you.

Feng Shui (literally translated “wind and water”) is the art of harmonizing the natural energy or Qi (pronounced chi) within a given volume of space, at a given point of time, based on the particular individual(s) inhabiting the space.

The goal is to promote health, happiness, success, and wealth, intentionally engineered for a particular location and unique individual.

BaZi - Life Guidance

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You can claim your destiny by discovering your strengths and using those as a guiding force in your life.

The most useful feature of a Destiny Reading is to learn how your opportunities are best aligned, challenges are best avoided, and to assist in finding clarity on where to put your focus for optimum results.

A Destiny (Bazi) Chart is generated by your birthday. This is often referred to as "Chinese Astrology," and it provides a great gateway to understanding yourself with more clarity.

Strategic Date Selection

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You can achieve successful outcomes by starting on the right day.

A good date can maximize the configuration of the universe and allow you to engage in your activity at the most beneficial point in time.

This is commonly used for product launches, proposals, weddings, company launches, and more...

  • FREE WEBINAR:  Finish 2023 Empowered

    Take a breath and recenter yourself to finish your year on top. I'll be sharing insights on how you can take the right actions to set yourself up for best success the last 4 months of the year.

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  • Feng Shui for Period 9 Workshop Reply

    Join me for this special workshop on the new Feng Shui energy footprint of Period 9. Purchase the replay On-Demand--subscribe to the $97 level and receive the additional floor plan analysis session that shows how to apply what you've learned to your home.

    ON -DEMAND Access
     **Personal Charts will be sent in a separate email

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     FREE Feng Shui Webinar 1

    The energy (Feng Shui) of your home influences you whether you know it or not or believe it or not. This short zoom session will introduce you to the most important facet of your home and the 1 location you can use now to open up future opportunities in life.

    Find the Replay on YouTube linked below

  • 2024 Annual Summit:
    The Wood Dragon

    Attend the Summit and leverage the Wood Dragon's energy
    Find out how to access your personal strengths of the year

Do you want greater health, wealth, happiness, and success in your life?

Amy Theisen's Chinese Metaphysics is one of the leading coaching and consulting practices of Chinese Metaphysics in the United States and she is here to serve.

Our community believes in the potential of every individual. We provide education, training, and coaching in Chinese Metaphysics to bring greater harmony in every area of life.

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I was recently a guest on the Quantum Revenue Expansion Podcast with Ursula Mentjes. Our topic was all about the shift to Period 9!

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