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Below you'll find several options for getting started. The packages range from free courses, to community memberships, to individual consulting, to personalized reports... there's something for everybody.

Select the option that fits best for you!

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Free Courses & Memberships
Let's apply these ancient secrets to your life. Reclaim your destiny, make new friends, and attend our live events.
Introductory Courses
Learn the Basics
1) Intro to BaZi
2) Life Star & Best Directions
3) QiMen & Guardians

Learn More

Monthly Live Event
Timely Meditations
Access Replays
Referral Program

I Am Club
join the community
Monthly Live Event
Timely Meditations
Access Replays
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2024 Power Up Packages
Take your metaphysics experience to the next level.
Foundation for Success
I Am Club Membership
Meditation Channel

Personal Date Strategy Calendar
Yearly Outlook Report
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Competitive Edge
Foundation for Success +
2024 Summit & Accelerator
Monthly Personalized Strategy Report
Quarterly 1-on-1 Coaching
Bonus: Free Access to 1 Additional Workshop
** Only 6 Spots Available**
Optimum Advantage
Competitive Edge +
Monthly Channeled Messages
Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching
Up to 4 Strategic Date Selections
Free Access to All Workshops in 2023
** Only 3 Spots Available*
Personal Guides

Choose a package for yourself to gain more harmony, direction, and preparedness for your best opportunities.

Life Guide

A full Destiny Reading is packed with information about who you are, your strengths, challenges, and life opportunities. It brings in all aspects of Metaphysics including BaZi, Feng Shui and Qi Men Jun Jia. Its strength is in highlighting how you can make better choices to create better life outcomes and success.

Do you have specific questions about your life? Let me know and I'll find insights and answers for you!

Time is taken to emphasize how to work with the challenging situations that may arise in your life as well as how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This is all about how to live your life in the most connected and successful way possible.

Includes 1 hour of private consulting.
Yearly Outlook

This report creates a blueprint for aligning your life for success this year. We discuss your intentions and how to use 2024 correctly. Get your most pressing questions answered.

In a more than 15 page written report, delivered face-to-face over Zoom, we focus on your health, wealth and relationships and I provide short monthly overviews.

I'll examine how your personal animals and elements interact, clash, harm or combine for you and how the Yearly QiMen positions influence your year.

Includes 1 hour of private consulting.

Destiny by Design Package

This package is the essential setup for greater awareness and success in matters of both personal and business life. Be prepared and have the best forecast to create greater results.


  • Life Guide Report
  • Yearly Outlook Report

Save $200

Includes 2 hours of private consulting.
Other Services
Have something more specific in mind? Let's connect.
Per hour

Do you want to start our consulting together or ask specific questions by the hour? Here's where you can hire Amy by the hour!

After you click "Get started" you'll be directed to find a time on my schedule.

Date Selection
Per date

Specific opportunities and critical choices deserve special attention. Don't let important meetings or projects just not measure up.

Let's look ahead to support your best timing and alignment.

Need help getting started?
I'm happy to serve you. Grab a free discovery call and we'll talk about what's the best option for you.
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